DesignGallery by Swift Supply


Full-Service Home Design in Daphne, Alabama

At the DesignGallery by Swift Supply, we offer a full range of home design services from a simple renovation project to building your dream home. Some of our services include:

  • Floorplan review and development
  • Cabinetry layout and design
  • Preliminary perspective and scale drawing
  • Competitive price comparisons
  • Countertop selections
  • Exterior material selections and design suggestions
  • Professional installation
To get the most out of your customer experience, we recommend our customers plan for the following process.

Preliminary Meeting

Tour the showroom while we host a simple preliminary meeting to review your prints at no cost or commitment. We will chat about your project to determine your best options.

Consultation Meeting

If you determine that the DesignGallery by Swift Supply is the right fit for you, we will schedule a consultation meeting. After the consultation, our team will provide a quote to outline your options. We like transparency and want you to see your project scope before making any commitments.

Design Process

At the DesignGallery, it is our goal to bring your vision to life. Based on our consultation, we will present you with at least two designs to help you best utilize your space. Preliminary designs will be prepared to layout the design solutions, presenting conceptual ideas which form our discussion and plan revisions.

Order Management

Kitchen and bath design involves many moving parts that are interrelated and impact the successful completion of your project. Our plans—a critical component—serve as the construction documents needed by the carpenters, plumbers and electricians to follow at the rough-in stage to properly prepare your space for installation.


Whether it is a Swift Supply builder or yours, we work hand-in-hand to achieve an excellent fit and finish. We will support coordinating delivery of all merchandise and be on-site throughout the building process.